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SecuriTitle provides title and escrow services to our clients in New Hampshire; and title examination, closing preparation and title clearing services to Massachusetts attorneys.  We bring efficiency and expertise to our clients to minimize cost and maximize efficiency.

Our Services

Title & Escrow Services - NH

We provide full service title and escrow services providing efficient and cost effective solutions for our clients
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Title Exams

Title Exams are a crucial element of due diligence. Accuracy and quick turn times are critical to maintaining client satisfaction.
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Closing Preparation

SecuriTitle integrates with your existing team to do as much or as little as needed. From pre-title commitments to assembling closing packages, SecuriTitle can help.
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Title Clearing

Clearing title defects requires knowledge, organization and persistence. SecuriTitle handles all aspects of title clearing including ordering missing discharges, assignments, and obtaining confirmatory deeds.

Now offering Closing, Escrow and Title Services in New Hampshire.

"SecuriTitle allows us to scale our business without the expense and uncertainty of hiring more staff. SecuriTitle allows us to focus on what we do best: providing a stress free closing experience for our clients."
Mark Stiles
Closing Attorney
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